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Box Moves - The new Shipping Container supplier in town who will save you money!
Our planning and architectural solution for shipping container housing
is based up on an innovative idea as a result of a lot of development
and research here in the UK.

The state of the art shipping container housing has been born from
creative planning and the high quality construction.

We have  presented  our housing solutions for the International market
to make this concept available weather you are planning a very
practical office, industrial building or a shipping container home.

Building a shipping container house is a very economical and
environmentally friendly option. But the biggest factor is the enormous
savings you can make. In most cases against normal houses you
save 45-50%.
Building a shipping container house is not only a good idea for the ones who would like to build something cheap for living accommodation or
for other practical purposes. The design and finished product of a shipping container homes is limited by ones budget.

After the practical planning and installation of a container house it can be immediately used resulting in a huge money saving venture.

The advantages of shipping container houses  is the structure which is quite big in size  and substantive in its construction, easy to modify and

The shipping  container house is the best solution if a problem should arise occurring around the building planning application, or the area
where it is to be built.

If it is a moveable unit mobile home kind of  house it is not compulsory to have the permission to build it as it can be classed as non permanent

To summarise we create flats, houses, offices, stages, bars entertaining booths, which are cost effective and environmentally efficient. Please
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